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The Emerald Isle

As you can tell by my numerous posts that I am obsessed with the idea of traveling, and hope to explore the world in the future. Ever since I was little I liked to explore and get out of the house. Like most kids, I had a wild imagination, and I would always pretend that I was on some far away island exploring. Now that I’m older, that island I imagined as a kid, is Ireland. When I think of Ireland, I imagine winding hills and  beautiful scenery. And one day that imagination of mine will come to life.

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Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic, that features coastal mountains in the west and agricultural lowlands, with numerous hills, and lakes. About eighty-three percent of the island is apart of the Republic of Ireland, while the part is considered the United Kingdom.  Ireland is called the ” Emerald Isle” because of its rolling hills and vales.

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There are many places to explore all over the island of Ireland that are full of history. The Cliffs of Moher are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world and are incredibly beautiful. The Cliffs of Moher are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. Off the coast of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are one of the most outstanding coastal features of  and a big tourist attraction. Along with the beautiful scenery, there is something so breath taking about these mile high cliffs.

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Along with all the beautiful hills and mountains, I want to see the cities of Ireland. Cities like Belfast and Dublin seems so different than the cities i’m used to. The whole island of Ireland looks so interesting to me with all its history and beautiful mountain sides. As soon as I can i will be exploring the vast Emerald Isle.

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New York city is a place like no other, it honestly feels like a different world.  A few summers ago my family and I visited New York for about a week, I have never forgotten that trip. Even though New York is just across the country from California, it felt like a totally different country, everything was so different. Our hotel was located just a block or two away from Times Square, which was really cool to be so close to that busy part of the city.

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The hotel we stayed in was just a few minutes outside Times Square, which was a great importunity for my family and I to get a real taste of the city.  Times Square  was one of the busiest, crowded places I’ve ever been, I mean you could barely move without running into someone. Despite this it was a great experience to be apart of. There was an old Frank Sinatra song playing while we there,  the whole ambiance made me feel like I was back in old time New York. There was tons of brightly lit billboard screens and signs everywhere, it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

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Even though New York is an absolutely beautiful place, it has some dark history which occurred on September 11th. That day in September a terrible tragedy occurred that stunned America. While in New York I visited the National September 11 Memorial. It was an overwhelming experience but its one I will never forget. There was a feeling of sadness around the memorial, yet it was so beautiful the way the memorial honored those who lost their lives that day.

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Along with all the other places in New York. Central Park was my favorite part of the trip. In my hometown there is really no place like Central Park, so I really enjoyed it while I was there. There were these pink trees that perfumed the air with this sweet smell that to this day I still remember. There was so many trees, and plush green grass all over, it felt like you were in a forest.

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Getting to experience New York was a great opportunity that I am forever grateful for. Riding on the subway and walking everywhere, was so different then being home. The whole atmosphere of the city and the culture is what really drew me to New York.

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I often get all caught up in wanting to travel outside the U.S, that i forget how many beautiful places and cities there are in my own country. I’ve traveled around the western side of the U.S and have been to New York and New Jersey, but that’s not what I want to write about. Chicago Illinois is a city that is so intriguing to me. All though it often gets a bad rep, it’s a city that I want to experience.

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Chicago lies on Lake Michigan and is among the largest cities in the U.S. When I think about Chicago, i think of all the tall skyscrapers and bold architecture. There is something about crazy tall buildings that is so amazing. The Willis Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Chicago. I can only imagine the view from atop that building, getting to see all the city and the incredible view.

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Even though it’s one of the most touristy things to see in Chicago, the Cloud Gate sculpture I have to see. Art is so incredible and there are so many ways to express emotions, whether it be on paper or a sculpture. The Cloud Gate was an idea that came to life, and is now a piece of art that thousands of people get to see.

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There are many tourist destination is Chicago to see, but its the little places that I look forward to exploring. Coming from a small southern california city, the big hustle and bustle of Chicago seems like a whole new world. To explore that parts that aren’t on tourists maps, the parts that locals go to and hang out, the little hole-in-the wall restaurants , is what I want to see.

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The City of Lights

I feel that experiencing all the beauty that France has to offer will bring me absolute joy.  I don’t know what it is about this country that excites me, maybe it’s the food, the people, the culture, or the history. All the beautiful scenery and the culture that is so different from my hometown just grabs my attention. To have the chance one day to get to explore all that France has to offer, will be an opportunity that I will be forever grateful for.

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If I am being completely honest, I am so excited to try the food in France, everything looks so amazing! The simplicity of the food and delectable desserts, just thinking about it makes me mouth water. One thing  I would love to try is the Tarte Tatin, which is an apple tarte. Many say that this dish was created by mistake, makes no difference to me, it looks delicious.

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France is so full of history and one of the birth places of greats works of art. There are many art museums all over France but the one I most want to visit is the Louvre Museum.  The Louvre is a former palace to former French Kings, but is now home to some of the most famous works of art. Just to witness art by Leonardo Davinci like the Mona Lisa and the Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese.

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Even though it’s one of the most basic and touristy things to do I have to see the Eiffel Tower.  It’s so monumental and important landmark of France and I have to experience it. I’ve been to New York and seen all the huge skyscrapers but nothing would compare to the Eiffel Tower. I want to climb to the very top and overlook all the city of Paris, and just take in all the beauty.

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When I get the chance to travel around France I want to see all the beautiful art, try all the amazing food, experience the music, and the culture that the country has to offer. The country itself is full of history and an ancient path of destruction yet it is so beautiful. Ever since I learned about France in my history class I’ve wanted to experience it.

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Ever since I was little Italy has been a place that I have always wanted to see. The beautiful coastlines, the amazing food, the different culture and lifestyles. Italy is full of ancient history, and home to one to the greatest civilizations in the world, Rome.  One day I will get to explore this beautiful country and all it’s beauty.

Italy’s capital city,Rome, is an ancient city sprawling with life. Rome is a city with thousands of years of influential art, architexture, and culture. Wandering down the old cobblestone streets with friends exploring all the city has to offer and interacting with the locals is what I look forward to most. I always wonder what it was like to live back in the Roman Empire. What was life like for everyday people, and how did the city use to look opposed to modern times? All I know is that Rome is a beautiful city that I intend on exploring.

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When in Rome, the Colosseum is something that I would die to see. It’s just so full of history, despite it’s troubling past. The large amphitheatre and the shows that are associated with it are the major symbols of Roman culture. Inside thousands of people who were believed to be criminals, fighters, and animals were brutally killed. Though the one thing I don’t understand is why killing someone in front of thousands of people is considered entertainment. Personally, I find that to be a little gruesome.

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All the amazing food, the pasta, the bread, the seafood. The food in Italy looks amazing, thinking about it makes my mouth water.  I look forward to the pasta the most because I could eat pasta all day. To eat the traditional pizza with handmade dough, fresh tomatoes, and fresh cheese. I love the idea of sitting outside at a little café with my family or friends and eating amazing food.

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In a few years, when the time is right I will go to Italy and explore all the amazing cities and the culture. Just thinking about the Colosseum, the delicious food, and ancient culture makes me excited. One day when I’m on that flight and look down from my seat at the beautiful country below.

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One place I have always wanted to see is Mexico. I want to see all the culture has to offer and experience where my family has come from. I am fifth generation Mexican and I would love to see my heritage’s culture and customs. Most of my family is from Michoacon, Mexico, but I want to explore all of the country.

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Every winter, Michoacon plays host to thousands of monarch butterflies from North America. Monarch butterflies arrive in Mexico each year in late October and make their homes in the trees till they are ready to head back home. Residents and tourists alike enjoy the spectacle that is the monarch migration as thousands of butterflies fly across the sky.

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One of the most amazing traditions in Latin American culture is Dia de los Muertos. This tradition is celebrated across Latin America, but is most associated with Mexico. The holiday is celebrated on November 1st and is a day to remember loved ones who have passed. This holiday is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in Mexico, it has a day specific for children and adults. There is color everywhere, marigolds on the floor, and tons of delicious food.

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Family members create shrines for there loved ones to remember them. Pictures and objects associated with the person are used to decorate the shrine. Marigolds are used in the shrines like a path for the dead to follow back to their loved ones. Every year I help my uncle decorate his shrine with colorful decorations to help him honor the people he as lost. One day I hope to visit Mexico for this day of the dead celebration.

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There are many reasons why I would love to visit Mexico I want to experience my culture and where my family comes from. Despite the current state of the country right now, it is a place I would like to experience. Hopefully when times are better I can experience all that Mexico has to offer.

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A few years ago my family and I use to take annual trips up to Mammoth to snowboard and get away from home for a bit. Our most recent trip was one I will never forget. The long seven to eight hour drive was so uncomfortable having to be crammed into a car full of luggage needed for the trip. My favorite part was just watching all the tall, green trees go by, the large green pastures and endless mountains. That particular trip there was so much snow, there was a blanket of white all over the ground. Eventually we made it to our destination and the fun would begin.

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This trip we stayed in a cabin that was tucked away in a lodge. My sisters and I got to sleep in bunk beds, which we found amazing. We climbed all over those beds, hanging upside down despite the endless barks from our parents. Just outside our door there was a huge area for us to play in. The snow was almost as tall as we were, but that didn’t stop us from playing in it for hours on end when we weren’t on the slopes. My family and I would sit around the pit at night to roast smores under the stars and play in the snow just a few minutes longer before going to bed.

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Most of our days in Mammoth consisted us of being on the slopes. It wasn’t my family’s first time snowboarding so we wanted to take advantage of all the time we had. At first we were a little out of practice, falling every few seconds, but it was still fun. One day, against our better judgement, we went on the slopes when there was a reported snow storm on the way. We had gotten to the top of the slope when the storm hit. The snow came down so fast and there was so much you couldn’t see a thing. It was so cold and the walk down seemed endless. We eventually made our way to the bottom where all we did was laugh at the situation, looking back on it it actually seems hilarious to me now.

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It was our last full day of being in Mammoth and my older sister and dad decided to go on the slopes for one last time before we had to head back home. My little sister and I stayed at the cabin with our mom to pack up all the stuff before leaving. Then we get a phone call. My older sister had broken her arm while snowboarding and had to go to the hospital. It wasn’t anything serious just a broken wrist and she had to be put in a cast. I guess our last day in Mammoth turned out to be eventful.

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In the morning we ate breakfast in the cabin and finished our last bit of packing before we said goodbye to Mammoth. While my parents were fixing up the car I went in the snow and started making my own little snowman. He was small, wore a blue hat and red scarf. I used pin cones for his eyes and rocks for his buttons and smile. My first little snowman and I named him Frosty of course. On our way home we stopped to get snacks at this local cafe. The food was amazing and I got ice cream despite the freezing weather outside. I haven’t been back to Mammoth since this trip and I wish I could go back so badly. This trip was one of the most eventful and I will never forget it.

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Around two years ago I got to visit Glacier, Montana for a week. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. One day after dinner, my family and I decided to go canoeing in East Glacier Park. The water was so crisp and there was a slight breeze. The air smelt of a roasting fire and pine trees. The lake was wide and had a beautiful backdrop of the tall mountains surrounded by bright, green trees. The water was so clear and was full of life, fish swimming everywhere. My sisters and I shared so many laughs and I was just happy.


Deep Blue

Little than two years ago, my family and I adventured the Hawaiian island of Maui. Towards the end of the my sisters and I decided to go down the shore. The sun was just setting, filling the sky with deep ambers and blues, and the salty air had a crispness to it. I stepped into the warm water, and a sense of peace took over me. I went deep into the water and just waded. Looking up at the beautiful sunset and rolling waves, it was at this moment I had no care in the world, I was just happy. There was something about the water that just brought me peace.

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