A few years ago my family and I use to take annual trips up to Mammoth to snowboard and get away from home for a bit. Our most recent trip was one I will never forget. The long seven to eight hour drive was so uncomfortable having to be crammed into a car full of luggage needed for the trip. My favorite part was just watching all the tall, green trees go by, the large green pastures and endless mountains. That particular trip there was so much snow, there was a blanket of white all over the ground. Eventually we made it to our destination and the fun would begin.

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(CC BY 2.0)February 24, 2009

This trip we stayed in a cabin that was tucked away in a lodge. My sisters and I got to sleep in bunk beds, which we found amazing. We climbed all over those beds, hanging upside down despite the endless barks from our parents. Just outside our door there was a huge area for us to play in. The snow was almost as tall as we were, but that didn’t stop us from playing in it for hours on end when we weren’t on the slopes. My family and I would sit around the pit at night to roast smores under the stars and play in the snow just a few minutes longer before going to bed.

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Most of our days in Mammoth consisted us of being on the slopes. It wasn’t my family’s first time snowboarding so we wanted to take advantage of all the time we had. At first we were a little out of practice, falling every few seconds, but it was still fun. One day, against our better judgement, we went on the slopes when there was a reported snow storm on the way. We had gotten to the top of the slope when the storm hit. The snow came down so fast and there was so much you couldn’t see a thing. It was so cold and the walk down seemed endless. We eventually made our way to the bottom where all we did was laugh at the situation, looking back on it it actually seems hilarious to me now.

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It was our last full day of being in Mammoth and my older sister and dad decided to go on the slopes for one last time before we had to head back home. My little sister and I stayed at the cabin with our mom to pack up all the stuff before leaving. Then we get a phone call. My older sister had broken her arm while snowboarding and had to go to the hospital. It wasn’t anything serious just a broken wrist and she had to be put in a cast. I guess our last day in Mammoth turned out to be eventful.

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In the morning we ate breakfast in the cabin and finished our last bit of packing before we said goodbye to Mammoth. While my parents were fixing up the car I went in the snow and started making my own little snowman. He was small, wore a blue hat and red scarf. I used pin cones for his eyes and rocks for his buttons and smile. My first little snowman and I named him Frosty of course. On our way home we stopped to get snacks at this local cafe. The food was amazing and I got ice cream despite the freezing weather outside. I haven’t been back to Mammoth since this trip and I wish I could go back so badly. This trip was one of the most eventful and I will never forget it.

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