One place I have always wanted to see is Mexico. I want to see all the culture has to offer and experience where my family has come from. I am fifth generation Mexican and I would love to see my heritage’s culture and customs. Most of my family is from Michoacon, Mexico, but I want to explore all of the country.

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Every winter, Michoacon plays host to thousands of monarch butterflies from North America. Monarch butterflies arrive in Mexico each year in late October and make their homes in the trees till they are ready to head back home. Residents and tourists alike enjoy the spectacle that is the monarch migration as thousands of butterflies fly across the sky.

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One of the most amazing traditions in Latin American culture is Dia de los Muertos. This tradition is celebrated across Latin America, but is most associated with Mexico. The holiday is celebrated on November 1st and is a day to remember loved ones who have passed. This holiday is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in Mexico, it has a day specific for children and adults. There is color everywhere, marigolds on the floor, and tons of delicious food.

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Family members create shrines for there loved ones to remember them. Pictures and objects associated with the person are used to decorate the shrine. Marigolds are used in the shrines like a path for the dead to follow back to their loved ones. Every year I help my uncle decorate his shrine with colorful decorations to help him honor the people he as lost. One day I hope to visit Mexico for this day of the dead celebration.

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There are many reasons why I would love to visit Mexico I want to experience my culture and where my family comes from. Despite the current state of the country right now, it is a place I would like to experience. Hopefully when times are better I can experience all that Mexico has to offer.

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