New York city is a place like no other, it honestly feels like a different world.  A few summers ago my family and I visited New York for about a week, I have never forgotten that trip. Even though New York is just across the country from California, it felt like a totally different country, everything was so different. Our hotel was located just a block or two away from Times Square, which was really cool to be so close to that busy part of the city.

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The hotel we stayed in was just a few minutes outside Times Square, which was a great importunity for my family and I to get a real taste of the city.  Times Square  was one of the busiest, crowded places I’ve ever been, I mean you could barely move without running into someone. Despite this it was a great experience to be apart of. There was an old Frank Sinatra song playing while we there,  the whole ambiance made me feel like I was back in old time New York. There was tons of brightly lit billboard screens and signs everywhere, it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

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Even though New York is an absolutely beautiful place, it has some dark history which occurred on September 11th. That day in September a terrible tragedy occurred that stunned America. While in New York I visited the National September 11 Memorial. It was an overwhelming experience but its one I will never forget. There was a feeling of sadness around the memorial, yet it was so beautiful the way the memorial honored those who lost their lives that day.

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Along with all the other places in New York. Central Park was my favorite part of the trip. In my hometown there is really no place like Central Park, so I really enjoyed it while I was there. There were these pink trees that perfumed the air with this sweet smell that to this day I still remember. There was so many trees, and plush green grass all over, it felt like you were in a forest.

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Getting to experience New York was a great opportunity that I am forever grateful for. Riding on the subway and walking everywhere, was so different then being home. The whole atmosphere of the city and the culture is what really drew me to New York.

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